Yin Yoga Online Package 1

Check out our Yin Yoga Online Package 1

Investment: $64 + HST

What equipment do I need? You will need a yoga mat, yoga strap or a belt, bolster or 2 firm cushions, blanket and 2 yoga blocks or 2 folded blankets. Set the ambiance for a slow and peaceful yoga class by putting on soft music, dimming the lights down low, ensure the room is warm and comfortable and ensure that you will not be disturbed for at least 60 minutes. Optional bonuses would include using an eye pillow, incorporating aromatherapy by way of a diffuser, room spray or roll on body oil for your temples and wrists, and wearing layers including socks and an optional hoodie or scarf for opening and closing Savasana.

If you do not own any of these items, let us know! We will help you source the right equipment for your home yoga studio.

What do I get? You get access to our online yin yoga program suited to new and seasoned yogis alike. This style of yoga is very calm, gentle and restorative. Enjoy this online yoga package which includes 8 yin yoga classes recorded live at Ritual Studio. Studio recordings of live class may include audio of the studio atmosphere and not all poses are demonstrated physically by Renée.

Duration: You own this program forever, but it is designed to be 4-8 weeks in length, with one to two classes practiced per week! Feel free to breeze through it faster or slower than 4-8 weeks, if that makes more sense to you.

Dates: You can do this program anytime, anywhere, at your own pace and rhythm! You can even repeat the program when you’re done.

Can I share the love? You can share your access to this program with those who live at your same address!

This online, self paced format will allow you to bring the studio with you on vacation, in your home studio or even your hotel room! We hope you’ll find peace in this program.