Six Week Strength & Conditioning Program

Check out our Six Week Strength & Conditioning Program!

Investment: $222 +HST

What equipment do I need? You will need a yoga mat, some dumbbells or other free weights, and a resistance band. If you do not own any of these items, let us know! We will help you source the right equipment for your home gym set up.

What do I get? You get access to our 6 week online program suited to beginners and advanced lifters alike, 3 strength & conditioning classes per week PLUS 6 recovery videos featuring foam rolling and stretching classes and a TON of relevant education to help you in your strength & conditioning journey.

Duration: You own this program forever, but it is designed to be 6 weeks in length! Feel free to breeze through it faster (carefully) or slower than 6 weeks though.

Dates: You can do this program anytime, anywhere, at your own pace and rhythm! You can even repeat the program when you’re done!

Can I share the love? You can share your access to this program with those who live at your same address!

This is a program with no dedicated start or end date, so you can purchase it anytime you want and you can do it anytime you need, at your own pace.

This online program is designed to develop the foundations of strength and build a strong and healthy body. Conditioning will help to improve your cardiovascular capacity and dedicated recovery videos will aid you in injury prevention and optimal healing between workouts.  

The program offers three workouts per week plus one recovery session per week. This format will allow you to bring the studio with you on summer vacation, to the cottage, on your road trip, or even at the campsite! You’ll enjoy what we have in store, so get ready!