IN STUDIO Summer Strength & Conditioning

Summer Strength & Conditioning with Kaitlyn
Currently offered on:
Tuesday at 7:00am

Here’s something sweaty: Summer Strength & Conditioning with our personal trainer Kaitlyn LaPierre! This program runs every Tuesday morning at 7am.

Join us for this Strength and Conditioning program that will have you feeling stronger, faster and more energized for summer. This program includes group workouts designed to challenge each individual at their own fitness level. This class will build strength and improve aerobic conditioning.

Get motivated, rise to the challenge and find yourself feeling stronger and more confident all summer long! Bonus: meeting like minded women who want to get their sweat on with you!

Participants can drop in anytime using our regular class passes ($160 for ten) or a drop in class ($20).


IN STUDIO Mama & Baby Postnatal Exercise

Mama & Baby Postnatal Exercise with Kaitlyn
Currently offered on:
Tuesday at 11:00am

It’s been well over 2 years… we are so excited to welcome mamas & babes back to Ritual with our postnatal strength training classes.Join Kaitlyn LaPierre Tuesdays at 11am in studio with your little sweetie in tow. Our aim is to provide safe & appropriate resistance training for your postnatal body in our lovely movement studio.

Participants will learn to safely rehab and restore their pelvic floor and core with conscious breathing techniques and strengthening exercises. This class is a social outing and a bonding experience all wrapped up into a movement class. Breastfeeding, baby and infant friendly environment.


IN STUDIO Strength & Core

Strength & Core with Camryn
Currently offered on:
Monday at 5:30pm

Join us for this class in studio…

Join us for a 60min strength training class that follows a circuit style set up. You will be led through an effective, exercise specific warm up followed by a 45min strength session and then for our last part of class we hit the mat for core training and stretching to cool down. We adapt this class for all levels and abilities.

Sweat with ya later!



Spin with Renée & Kaitlyn
Currently offered on:
Thursday at 5:30pm
Sunday at 10:00am

Join us for spin at the studio…

We are excited to bring you hills, sprints, teamwork and endurance plus some upper body rhythm & strength training to compliment our lower body work. Come join this class to work up a great sweat and build some character!

Beginner spinners welcome; even this revamped class can be scaled to all levels.

NOTE: our dual SPD/cage pedals work with SPD cleats or regular gym shoes.


IN STUDIO Ride Circuit Yoga

Ride Circuit Yoga with Dina
Currently offered on:
Wednesday at 9:30am
Saturday at 10am

Join us for this hybrid class in studio… 

Get a real burn and sweat going in this awesome class which combines strength training with weights, cardio on the cycle and a good stretch on the yoga mat to bring it all down afterwards. This class is scaled to all levels and experiences. Welcome to an invigorating and appropriately challenging class! 

See you there!



Yin Yoga with Renée
Currently offered on:
Tuesday at 6:00pm

Join us for this class in studio & over ZOOM…

Enjoy this 60 minute Yin Yoga practice with use of props, ambient lighting, soft music and just the most delightful, peaceful atmosphere. This class is gentle and accessible to all levels and experiences. We will release hips, spine, shoulders and more! Welcome to class with open arms!

Hope to see you!