Ritual Studio provides wellness and movement services, yoga, cycling, strength classes, Kinesiology services and personal training. What we are also proud to do is support many different demographics, neighbouring or far away communities, animals, Mother Earth, sustainability, etc.


Our support starts with using our voice as a small local business, to speak up for an important issue and inspire our clients, friends and community to do the same.


After using our voices, we aim to provide monetary support for worthy causes and organizations. This might happen in the form of raising money during classes or a dedicated week of fundraising, this might happen in lump donations from our business directly to a cause or organization or this might happen by the actions of our clients becoming inspired to donate directly to the cause on a one time donation or regularly.


Finally, once speaking up and donating we stand up and offer some sort of physical service to the cause. This might come in the form of donating women’s hygiene products, donating blankets and towels for animals, collecting trash, walking in parades or standing up in protests.

Below is a list of causes that we support. They are listed in alphabetical order. Click the image to be directed to the cause’s website for more information OR to donate!